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Monday, 5 July 2010

Blogger Awards

I would like to thank Mia from Mia's Little Corner for this lovely blog award. It really means a lot!

The rules:

1.describe where you think you’ll be in 10 years
2.pass the fun along to other 5 bloggers

My answer:

It may sound a little clishe, but it has always been my dream in life to work at a fashion magazine as a journalist. Anna Wintour is my ultimate inspiration, I mean, working at the same magazine as editor-in-chief for 20 years... now that's something special! Not to mention that magazine being Vogue, which is truly phenominal. So in 10 years it would be the most perfect thing in the world if I could achieve even a fraction of what this lady has in fashion (However I can always dream!)

I would now like to pass this award to the following bloggers:

This is in no particular order (ha, I feel like Dermot O Leary from X-Factor saying that!)

1. Michelle Elaine from FVNCY
2. Eda from Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes and Couture ♥
3. pearlslaceandruffles from Pearls, lace and ruffles ; a fatshion blog.
4. Silvia Couture from Silvia Couture
5. Vicki from Magpie Girl

Well done guys, I ADORE all of your blogs!

I love for getting new blog readers, it's great visiting different fashion blogs and hearing what people have to say, and who knows... maybe it will be yours that I award next time!

Style Queen ♥


  1. Thank you so much lovely! xo

  2. Hope you achieve everything that you dream of and if you keep going, I am sure that you will (and much more)

  3. Hey! Love your blog!
    Hope you check out/follow mine! :)


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