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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Autumn Opinions

I realise I haven't posted properly in a while, for which I apologise! From now on I promise to return to writing my regular (and rather opinionated) blog posts.

Unfortunately I must start by making somewhat of a whiny point. But hey ho let's get the negatives out the way first... Well as you may or just as likely may not know, one of my fashion pet hates is the Kitten Heel! In my opinion these shoes are little more than flats making a laughable attempt at being, well, less flat. The essence of heeled shoes are to make us feel elegant and towering, and to make others think that our legs go on forever. Well that's hardly going to happen walking around in a pair of half inch kitten heels is it?!

So imagine my horror whilst flicking through key trends for Autumn, to find that these dastardly shoes are set to infiltrate shops once again! I say bring back power shoes, five inch towering heels, none of this modest woman rubbish! Runway fashion (I.M.O.) isn't supposed to be wearable or practical, instead something that is different and creates a spectacle. That's the joy of runway!

To conclude my point, incase you hadn't already guessed, the kitten heel is definitely a fashion revival I won't be participating in.

On a lighter note, one trend I am completely on-board for Autumn is the great outdoors/countryside fashion theme. Hiking boots (heeled of course!), parkas, shearling jackets, tweed, chunky knit etc. are all staple pieces this season. Wrapping up warm has never been so stylish!

DKNY AW10/11

Also, I'd like to share with you my shoe crush of the week. These are a gorgeous pair of lace boots from Topshop boutique. The detailing is just incredible, and the colour is very pretty and feminine.


  1. Ha, I hate kitten heels to. I saw them in Topshop the other day and was disgusted their back!

  2. I love those Topshop booties!!!
    Lovely blog, I'll be following!

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    thankyou! x

  4. The Topshop lace booties is reallllly pretty! Follow me on bloglovin too? Thanks! :)


  5. i HATE kitten you walk like youre wearing heels or walk like youre wearing flats?? the result is a hideous limp and no one likes that!

  6. I don't like kitten heels either. They are pointless - might as well just wear flats!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. I love those lace booties!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- yours is lovely!

  8. Those shoes are amazing!! :) x x

  9. Haha...i think i despise kitten heels just as much as you do! You couldn't have summed these despicable shoes up better - kitten heels are "flats making a laughable attempt at being, well, less flat. " Lol, love your point of view!


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